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Ghatshila is a wonderful place regarding near kolkata weekend tour. In this place, you can experience an amazing blending of forests, hills, and water bodies. One can witness the beauty of the Subarnarekha River at this location

  • Visit Phuldungri Hills and climb the top to get an aerial view of the city.
  • Explore Burudih Lake and experience the beauty of a wide water body. The small waves are very pleasing to capture on camera.
  • Dharagiri Falls is another tourist spot for travelers to visit.
Best months to visit GhatshilaNovember and February (Specially winter)
By trainGhatshila is well connected to Kolkata. Steel Express, Jansatabdi Express are some of the major trains from Howrah.
By roadGhatshila shares a distance of 39 km from Jamshedpur and 239 km from Kolkata.Take NH16 or NH49 to reach the destination.
By airIf you want to board a flight, then book your tickets to Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi.

Surrounding Tourist Places During Ghatshila Weekend Trip

When it comes to nearby tourist weekend destinations from Kolkata you can explore Dharagiri Falls, Burudih Lake, and Phuldungri Hills from Ghatshila.
Hotels in Ghatshila, weekend destinations around Kolkata

For satisfactory food and lodging, you can book Suhasita resort, J.n palace, K D Palace, and others.
How to book Ghatshila, Weekend Gateway Tours from Kolkata?

Just contact us, talk to our experts, and plan your weekend tour packages from Kolkata.


If you are a nature lover, then you will fall in love with Galudih. This peaceful weekend destination from Kolkata shares a distance of 9 Km from Ghatshila. This offbeat location is highly preferred by tourists due to the unspoiled nature. 

  • At this place, you can spend quality time in the lap of nature.
  • Explore the silent beauty of nature and spot migratory birds.
  • Enjoy your stay at the hilltop bungalows.
Best months to visit GaludihNovember and February

Some Dam/Barrage are there as a iconic tourist spot. So most of the tourists love to travel during rainy season also.

 How to reach Galudih

By trainThough there is Galudih railway station, you are requested to book your tickets to Ghatshila station (8 km from Galudih) and then book a car to reach Galudih.
By roadGaludih is 272 km, 42 km, and 8 km away from Kolkata, Jamshedpur, and Ghatshila respectively.
By airIf you want to board a flight, then book your tickets to Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi.

Nearby Tourists Destination

From Galudih you can visit Ratmohona, Ancient Temple complex, Bibhuti Bhusan Library, and other interesting places.
Hotels in Galudih, best weekend tour near kolkata

No wonder, it will be fun to stay at the hilltop bungalows at Galudih. Contact a prestigious travel agency and get your booking done.
How to book Galudih weekend destinations in kolkata?

To initiate the booking procedure, you are requested to contact our reliable travel agency named Adorable Vacation LLP and convey your inquiry.

3. Purulia- Ajyodha Pahar

Do you want to satisfy your thirst for adventure? If so, Purulia Ajodhya Pahar should be your weekend destination from Kolkata. This place is surrounded by hills and greenery. Here you can enjoy adventurous rock climbing courses and gain a thrilling experience.

  • Explore the ancient temples and witness the exclusive sunset at Murguma Dam. Else, you are suggested to visit Garh Panchakot, Baghmundi, and Baranti.
  • Pay a visit to the Marble Lake and Bamni Falls.
  • Here you can experience amazing rock climbing courses at Ajodhya and Jaychandi hill of Purulia.

Best time to explore Purulia Ajodhya Pahar

October to March



By train

To hit Purulia by train you need to reserve tickets in Lalmati Express or Purulia Express from Howrah. Purulia Junction station shares a distance of 1.5 km from the main town.

By road

To reach Purulia by road you can avail of several government buses or cabs. By road, you will have to cover nearly 252.8 km from Kolkata to reach Purulia.

By air

The nearest airport to Purulia is the Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi.


Nearby tourist spots of Purulia Ajodhya Pahar tours

From Purulia, you can explore Marble Lake and Bamni Falls. Else, to experience amazing Chhau Dance you are requested to visit Purulia during Gajan Festival. Visit places like Baranti Reservoir, Doldanga, and Rakab Forest.

Hotels or Homestay at Purulia

Purulia has some best hotels to offer. There are hotels like, Sagar Raj Resort, Hotel Akash Sarovar, Hotel Purulia Inn, and others.

4. Biharinath - An offbeat gateways from Kolkata

If you love the cohabitation of hills and heritage temple then visit this, off the beaten track location. People visit Biharinath to experience the unexplored serenity of the lush greenery. Bihrinath hill is the highest area of the Bankura district. You can contact travel agents in kolkata to help you get a best deal for this tour.

  • Biharinath is a suitable place for amateur trekkers. Hike the hills and absorb the mystery of forests.
  • You can spend your time on bird watching. In the breeding season, migratory birds visit this place.
  • Sightseeing: From Biharinath you can explore the terracotta temples, at Bishnupurand buy Dokra traditional ornaments.

Best Time to visit Biharinath

End of November to March

By train

The railway is the best mode of transport to reach BIharinath. Asansol Junction is just 20 km away from Biharinath. Black Diamond Express, Shatabdi Express can take you to this location.

By road

To reach Biharinath via road, take NH19. To start from Kolkata, you will have to drive 225 km to hit the location.

By air

To come by air, book your tickets to Dumdum Airport and drive for 4 hrs 20 minutes to reach.

Nearby tourist destination of Biharinath Weekend Trip

From Biharinath you can explore Ssunia Pahar, Gandheswari River, and the surrounding forest. The medium rock-faces are just perfect for novice rock-climbers. The waterfalls are so pleasing to have your feet wet.

Biharinath Hotels

Some of the good hotels in Biharinath are Spangle Wings Resort, Hotel Paras, Biharinath Tourist Point, and more.


Do you want to absorb the mysterious essence that nature has to offer? If so, then Jhargram is your place. Here you can experience the diversity of landforms. Visit this place to get relief from the humdrum of your life.

  • You can enjoy an exclusive boating ride at Chilkigarh.
  • Experience the ancient Kanakdurha Temple and witness the amazing architecture of Old India.
  • Afterward, explore Belpahari and listen to the chirping of birds in the jungle.

Best Time to visit Jhargram

End of November to March


By train

To reach Jhargram by train you can reserve your seats in various Express trains from Howrah such as Steel Express and Ispat Express.

By Road

If you want to visit Jhargram by road take NH6 drive in the right direction for 4 hours (178 km).

By air

The nearest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata. The distance between the airport and Jhargram is 188 km.

Jhargram Nearby Attractions

Jhargram is a wonderful destination for a family trip. Here you can enjoy the Mini Zoo, Dear Park, Chilkigarh, Belpahari, ghagra waterfall, and other locations. Bird watchers will find this place very useful to spot various migratory birds.

Hotels in Jhargram weekend destination in kolkata

To experience a wonderful stay in Jhargram you can book your lodging at Jhargram Rajbari Tourist Complex, Eshani Guest House, Chetona Eco Village Resort and Tourism, and others.