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Winter is approaching but still no plan for a family tour, right? Well, here is a chance that you can surprise your families and friends by taking them to such a destination where adventure and thrill is waiting on every turn. Still wandering? Lets’ surprise your dear once by taking them to a Sundarban Package Tour with most trustable and affordable Sundarban Package Tour Operator from Kolkata – NatureWings.

Not very far, merely 100km or 2hrs journey from Kolkata, Sundarban is one of the most preferred tourist destinations among weekend traveler and adventure lovers. Adorned with lush dense mangroves and rivers with full brink, this awesome destination is visited by millions of travelers from Kolkata, India and from all over the world also. The scenic beauty, the freshness of the environment, the presence of wild life and serenity of the place makes it as a best destination for leisure travel.

If nature is the things that attracts you, the exquisite wild life that waits for your DSLR camera and Binocular and tranquility is your ultimate goal, then travel this awesome destination by booking a wonderful Sundarban Package Tour from Kolkata. Starting from Kolkata, during your journey, as you leave the crowded city, you will be taken to a whole new different world where no hustle & bustle of city life, no clamor of mad crowed, no air polluting fossil fuels will haunts you, only greenery on both side of your journey, the green fields, the rivers, the cannels and innocent face of village kid you will witness until you reach to your first pickup point – Godkhali. Once you reach there, you can identify the difference between the life style you are living and the change that that you are going to witness. An exciting journey through the crystal clear river with thrill and excitement will follow you. So without any hesitation book your Sundarban Tour Package now.

NatureWinngs is the best Sundarban Package Tour Operator from Kolkata since last 8+ years. We have successfully conducted innumerable Sundarban Tour for 1Night 2Days and 2Nights 3Days. We are specialized in cost friendly Customized Sundarban Package Tour with best resort, hotels, boat and lip smacking food. For customized Sundarban Trip, we have Home / Hotel pickup & drop facility. Even we are expert in arranging Sundarban Trip at very short notice. Guests can board and start for Sundarban Tour from Kolkata Airport, Sealdah Station and Howrah Station also.

Sundarban is an UNESCO declared World Heritage Site and rich with a large number and varieties of flora and fauna, specially the Royal Bengal Tiger. In our many Sundarban Package Tour Booking we were lucky to show our guests the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Travel this beautiful land endowed with immense natural beauty and bio-diversity, taste the great food in your journey. We bet it will be one of your memorable journeys with us to this beautiful destination. Besides, Sundarban Tour from Kolkata

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Sundarban Tour is Cost-Effective  →
Our Sundarban Package Tour from Kolkata is designed with all facilities and amenities and in such a way that you need not to spend a single rupee from the very beginning of your journey. You will find our Sundarban Package Tour Price most reasonable and competitive. Our Sundarban Tour is combined with all necessities and perquisite like AC/Non AC transportation, All Sightseeing in Luxury boat with all safety equipments, Deluxe and Luxury Room in resort, lip smacking hot meal with season special delicacy with entertainment like local Folk Song and Dance, Baul Song, Tusu Song and Dance, DJ night, Open BBQ. NatureWings is committed to provide you with best service to make your Sundarban Package Tour your life time experience.

Your Sundarban Trip requires Less Packaging  →
Well, this is the most exciting part when you are almost ready to set out for any trip and if it is like Sundarban, then there is something exciting too. So, sit with your family and plan what to pack for your Sundarban Trip. As your tour is during winter holidays, so pack your bag with enough warm clothes. Don’t forget to pack woolen cap, hand gloves, shoes, flip flops, essential medicine. If you want to capture the best shot from the wild, Camera, binocular and power bank is a must. Load your mobile with your preferable sons and movies (internet is very slow in sundarban, and in some places no signal at all). The most important things are that as we are travelling during pandemic situation, so mask, hand sanitizer is a must. Though our car, boat and resort are properly sanitized, it is mandatory to carry your own safety with you.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed during Sundarban Tour from Kolkata  →
This is the ultimate things that you will achieve on your Sundarban Tour from Kolkata. As you don’t need to pay a single paisa from starting to end of your trip, the transportation, the foods, the resort room, the add-on entertainment arranged by NatreWings will surely make your trip a memorable one fulfilling your heart and soul with peace. So satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Destinations Covered in 2 Night 3 Days Sundarban Tour : Gadkhali, Gosaba Island, Gosaba Island-Hamilton Bungalow, Bacon Bungalow, Pakhiralaya, Pirkhali, Banbibi Varani, Sundarkhali, Khonakhali, Choragaji, Deualvarani, SarakKhali, Gazikhali, Nobanki, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Pickup & Drop : Science City / Priya Cinema / Your Place [for Exclusive Customized Sundarban Tour]

Altitude of Sundarban : 7.5 m [21.9497° N, 89.1833° E]

Nearest Rail Station : Canning Railway Station [CG]

Nearest Airport from Sundarban : Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata [CCU]

Nearest Hospital from Sundarban : Canning Sub Divisional Hospital | Phone: (+91) 97325 95449

Nearest Police Station from Sundarban : Gosaba Police Station | Phone: 03218 236


When we talk about Sundarban, the first thing that comes to our mind is the thrilling Royal Bengal Tiger in Sundarban. Viewing this majestic animal in its natural environment is a cherry on top during Sundarban Tour. But it is not the only things that prompt you for Sundarban Package Tour Booking. Apart from that a wide variety of birds, reptiles, water creatures you can behold during your tour in their natural habitat. If you have leisure in your mind, then it going to be the best trip from Kolkata while driving through amazing nature and then cruising through the endless rivers, creeks and channels in Sundarban National Park.

Even your leisure trip can be more relaxing in a luxurious cottage, resort or hotels in Sundarban while enjoying Bon-Fire, Grilled Chicken, Local Folk Dance Program or shaking your legs with the beat of DJ. In overall you will be out of your stress and hustle bustle of the chaotic city life and this tour surely will boost some rejuvenating energy to lead a stress less life again. So Sundarban Tour is amazing.

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Science CitySundarban104 km3 hrs
Deshapriya ParkSundarban106 km3 hrs
Kolkata AirportSundarban120 km3.30 hrs
Sealdah StationSundarban108 km3.10 hrs
Howrah StationSundarban111 km3.20 hrs
Canning StationSundarban66.7 km1.45 hrs
DurgapurSundarban605 km6.11 hrs
AsansoleSundarban209 km4.11 hrs
Dum DumSundarban120 km3.45 hrs
JadavpurSundarban103 km3.10 hrs
TollygungeSundarban106 km3.20 hrs
SonarpurSundarban98.4 km3.00 hrs




Winter (End of November to early March)  →
Sundarban is best travelled in winter mainly between ends of October to early March. During this time the weather is cold and pleasant and can drop down to almost 6.4°C. The mystic and foggy Sundarban in winter appears more adventurers as it is the only largest mangrove forest in the world with a world famous predator – The Royal Bengal Tiger.

During morning, the temperature can drop as low as freezing 8 degrees due to the vast open land and reverie ambience. With the sun shine, the temperature rises and travelling become easy and comfortable for the guests. It is best time to locate wind animals looking for warmth of Sun rays.

It should be kept in mind that during winter season, Sundarbnan is thronged with travelers. So it is advisable to get your booking done well in advance for hassle free Sundarban Package Tour from Kolkata.

Monsoon (End of June to early October)  →
Monsoon starts in Sundarban region during end of June and prevails till October. As Sundarban is river oriented delta region, during monsoon the rivers overflows and heavy rainfall can cause flood like situation. Roads become muddy and sightseeing become difficult. So booking any Sundarban Tour during monsoon is not suggestible. In spite of that some adventure lovers may suggest you to explore sundarban region during monsoon if you really want to experience the true beauty of mangroves and rivers in Sundarban.

Summer (March-May)  →
Summer in Sundarban starts from end of March and prevail till early June. Summer in this region is not so comfortable. Scorching heat and humid can make you burn and wet. Sometime temperature can rise up to +42°C. Most of the animals hide in the deep mangroves for shed and shelter making to spot wild animals almost impossible. So, summer is not at all good time to travel Sundarban.




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Travelling Sundarban by Deluxe Boat or Cruise is of great experience. Many Customized Sundarban Tour Operator offer Sundarban Tour from Kolkata by river starting from Babu Ghat or Millenium Park. Wrapping up in cool winter vibes, when your boat sail cutting down the mystic fogs, the rippling water behind the cruise is amazing. If you are looking for Luxury River Cruise for Sundarban Tour from Kolkata, you can opt for Vivada Cruise M.V. Paramhamsa. This 53 meter long boat is four storied with a total of 32 furnished cabins having wide range of luxury amenities, lip smacking food, open area deck for relaxation, library, LED TV’s, and modern wash room. So, if this is your travel goal, you can happily go with this option.

If you are arriving by flight, then we will pick you from Netaji Subhas Bose International Airport (CCU) – which is the nearest airport from Sundarban (110 km). From there we will travel by road with your pre booked car and reach Godkhali, the hub to start your Sundarban Package Tour.

If you want to book Sundarban Tour by Train from Canning then you have to reach Canning Station which is in the South Division of the Sealdah Train Service. On every hour interval, the Canning Local departs from Sealdah Station and takes almost 1 hour and 15 minutes to cover 45 km journey. In between this train journey you will cover 18 stations. The journey is very scenic and comfortable if you catch early morning train and get a window seat. From Canning, your Sundarban Tour will start. The stations you will cover during Sundarban Tour by Train from Sealdah Station are as following :



34512, Sealdah – Canning Local05:4506:57
34514, Sealdah – Canning Local06:3007:44
34516, Sealdah – Canning Local07:4208:56
34518, Sealdah – Canning Local08:2809:44
34520, Sealdah – Canning Local09:1010:25
34522, Sealdah – Canning Local10:2411:40



By road also, you can reach Sundarban. This is the most convenient way to travel Sundarban from Kolkata. There are two different road ways that you choose for your Sundarban Tour. They are:

Road 1 : Via Baruipur – Canning Road [2 hr 59 min / 82.9 km]
Road 2 : Via Basanti Highway [3 hr 13 min / 86 km]


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  • Your Sundarban Package Tour will start from Science City, Kolkata and will be transferred to Godkhali, around 3.5 hrs drives from Science City Junction. Meet and greet by Sundarban representative at Gadkhali and board the designated boat waiting for you at Godkhali jetty. Welcome drinks (green coconut) will be served at the boat along with Tea and snacks. The boat will start sailing and you will reach Gosaba Island in 45 mins, largest island in Sundarban region.

    Visit few important sightseeing places in the Gosaba island – Hamilton BungalowBacon Bungalow and proceed towards lovely resort. Enjoy the cool breeze from the river and relax in resort.

    Have lunch and start for Pakhiralaya (Home of Birds) by boat at around 4 pm and watch the different kinds of birds are returning to their home. It is a wonderful experience with different birds chirping and makes the place paradise for bird lovers.

    Evenings is for enjoyment of local folk dance by local village performer and have the dinner. Some beautiful places to cover during Sundarban Tour :

    Beautiful Port of Godakhali :
    Godkhali is basically a port rather a hub from where every Sundarban Tour starts. After a long journey from Kolkata, guests refresh themselves here. You can take a small stroll at surrounding area and the bazaar for last minute shopping before your boating starts. Often guests take their morning breakfast at Godkhali.

    Hamilton Bungalow :
    This is one of the most visited tourist spot in Sundarban. Following are some facts that you must know before visiting this place.

     →  First this bungalow was built as a single story by Scottish businessman Sir Daniel Mackinnon Hamilton in 1903. He was a businessman-cum-social worker and had made Bengal his second home.
     →  Sir, Hamilton was one of the richest men in British India. He had bought 40sqkm (almost 90,000 acres) land from the then British government comprising three islands of Gosaba, Rangabelia and Satjelia.
     →  Sir Danel was a great human being. He deeply involved himself to enhance the living conditions of the poor people of Sundarban.
     →  He introduced the co-operative system in the Gosaba Island and started his philanthropic work to uplifting the living condition of the people here.
     →  At that time, most of the island was barren and isolated. So he brought many native people from Orissa, Bengal, and Bihar to Gosaba Island, and settled them.
     →  In 1932 Rabindranath Tagore visited Sundarban and stayed at this bungalow. The poet was aware of Sir Hamilton’s activity and shared exchanged his views for betterment of the region and its people.

    Bird Watching in Sundarban :
    Sundarban is a great place for Bird watching. Due to its location, vast green forest, salty river bed and migratory route, a large no of birds can be seen here. It’s a heaven for birders.

    More than 250 species of birds are found in Sundarban, among them Common Sandpiper, Eurasian Curlew, Grey Plover, Black-tailed Godwit, Marsh Sandpiper, Barn Swallow, Lesser Sand Plover, Chestnut-tailed Starling, Pacific Golden Plover, Pallas’s Gull, Common Iora, Orange-headed Thrush, Tickell’s Thrush, Yellow Wagtail, Mangrove Whistler, Oriental Magpie Robin, Dusky Warbler, Greenish Warbler, Jungle Babbler, Scarlet-backed Flower pecker is notable. So, if you are a bird enthusiast, please contact us and book your Sundarban Birding Tour with Customized Package.

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    Meals for Day 1 Sundarban Trip :

    Welcome Drinks and Tea/Snacks in the boat
    Lunch – Rice/Roti, Dal, Potato Fry, Mix Veg Curry, Doi Katla Fish, Prawn Curry, Chatni, Papad, Salad, Sweet
    Evening Snacks – Chicken Pakora, Salad, / Singara, Tea/Coffee
    Dinner – Roti/Rice, Chilly Chicken, Fried Rice, Salad and Sweet

    Sundarban Tour from Kolkata food menu - Hing KachuriSundarban Trip from Kolkata food menu - Channa MasalaKolkata to Sundarban Tour food menu - Paratha


  • This is the second day of your Sundarban Tour. If you are an early riser, it’s a good opportunity for you to take a stroll around the resort, man-made dams and nearby villages. Visit river bank and watch the magnificent Sun rise from the top of mangroves. The cool ambience, the mystic fogs, the chirping of unknown birds is really enjoyable. After all it is absolutely fresh air that you can’t avail in dusty Kolkata city. When the skies turned blue from the radiant orangish or yellowish dawn, it’s amazing. Start a new day in Sundarban.

    Return back to resort. Enjoy your morning tea and get ready for upcoming day long trip. It is going to be exciting because soon you will start for Sundarban Jungle Safari through wide rivers, narrow creeks, sailing slowly among the cannels heavily banked with thick mangrove forest. The thrilling boat ride will always look for the wild animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, Spotted Deer, Crocodile, Wild Boar, and different kind birds. If you can really spot a Royal Bengal Tiger at their own home, feel lucky and proud for your Sundarban Trip. After breakfast board the boat and start for day long Sundarban Jungle Safari. We will cover following places:

    Sajnekhali Watch Tower – provide the best view of mangrove from the top. It’s a perfect place to witness beautiful birds and wild life.

    Mangrove Interpretation Centre – provide some vital information about this mangroves. How it balance the eco-system of the region, its inhabitant and wildlife.

    Banbib Varani – as per local belief, she is the guardian of the forest. She is also known as Bondevi or Bondurga. Fisherman and honey collector always takes blessing before visiting thick wild forest for honey collection or fishing.

    Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower – is one of the best watchtowers in Sundarban to witness the Royal Bengal Tiger with a panoramic view of the dense mangrove forests.

    Dobanki Canopy Walks & Watch Tower – this 496 M long netted canopies is really exciting to walk around the mangroves. Socking with mild warmth of winter a through walk over concrete made fenced canopy offers some of the best view of mangrove. Also, this walkway offers a beautiful view of the Sundarban Tiger Reserve Forests.

    Panch Mukhi (5 River Junction) – is very exciting place to behold and enjoy. It is a confluence of five rivers, Padma, Meghna, Bhairab, Madhumati & Hooghly. After Do-Banki watch tower tour, the boat cross this Mohona or 5 river junctions. This place is very wide, windy and wavy. Sometime gushing cool wind can chill your bones and unpredictable high wave can make the journey adventurous. This place is best visited during winter season only. During monsoon this place is not at all suggested to visit as the monsoon makes the rivers in full brink and extreme wavy.

    Return back and take rest after 2 hrs long cruises. Exhausted with day long excursion get fresh, relax and gather in the banquet for evening snacks. Evening cultural program like Baul Song and Tusu Dance will be arranged for you. Enjoy it. You can spend the time with your own choice. Play song in light mode and dance around the bonfire. Do whatever you wish as this is the last night in Sundarban. After dinner proceed for a tight sleep in the arm of Sundarban.

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    Lip Smacking Meals for 2nd Day Sundarban Tour

    Breakfast – Hing Kachuri/Puri, Chana Masala, Banana, Sweet, Tea/Coffee
    Lunch – Rice/Roti, Dal, Begun Bhaja, Mix Veg Curry, Bhetki Fish Curry, Crab Curry, Chutney, Papad, Salad, Sweet
    Evening Snacks – Veg Pakora / Chowmin, Tea/Coffee
    Dinner – Mutton Biryani / Veg Biryani, Chicken Kasa, Salad, Sweets

    sundarban tour package food menu - Pabda Fish Currysundarban tour and travel food menu - Katla Fish Currysundarban tour booking food menu - Chingi Malai Curry


After a tight sleep, wake up early saying gooooooooood morning Sundarban. It’s your last day of your 2N 3D Sundarban Tour. So you do not have much time. Leave your bed, open the resort gate and take a fresh look at vast mangroves on the other side of the river. The cool breeze and mystic foggy ambience will compel you to take some deep breath. It’s fresh oxygen that is a booster for your fresh mind and soul until your next trip to somewhere.

Take a walk over the dams and visit nearby villages, talk with the local people, experience their day to day life, have some hot tea made of cow or local “Desi” goat milk. You can look around to collect some original Sundarban Honey or you can collect fresh veggies from the firm.

Return back to resort. Complete your shower with hot water and gather at breakfast table. After completing we will start from the resort around 9am. During boat journey, packed lunch will be served. Again start your depart journey among the channels and wide river with mangroves on both side. This journey is exciting too, though you may feel heavy heart to leave this beautiful place. But with a promise to visit again you will be dropped at Godkhali, from where your Sundarban Package Tour stared. Board your car and proceed to your sweet home.

Meals for 3rd Day Sundarban Tour

Breakfast – Luchi, Aloo Dum, Sweet, Tea
Lunch – Rice, Dal, Aloo Fry, Veg Curry, Fish Curry, Chatni, Papad, and sweet